Moving for English speaking people

We move (not only) in Prague

Our company is ready to help everybody with moving to new living place. We can move your furniture from one side of Prague to any other or in another city in Czech republic. We have lot of experience. Don´t hasitate to ask us for help.

We work every day

Our job is our hobby, we love to help people and we want to make moving better every day. Our workers are good boys, well behaving and hardworking. The price is clear and non-changed from ordering till end of moving. You will pay for hours spending with you, plus one hour for the travels to parking. We work every day (not during Christmas hollidays).

Moving with insurance

We use high quality package materials. Safety of your furniture is our priority and you can be sure we take care about all your things. In spite of all care, it can happen that something gets damaged. If something like this happens, we are insured against furniture damage.

Not only movers

We offer not only moving services, but also cleaning and storage services. We have got storage in Prague, in Beroun, in Příbram and in other places. We can provide you boxes for moving.

Contact via mail

Contact us for better information via mail. We don´t speak English fluently. Talking by cell phone will be long and not as sure as via mail. It is good to find some friend talking Czech for best comunication with us.


Nezávazná poptávka

Máte zájem o stěhování nebo vyklízení? Zanechte nám poptávku a my Vám zašleme nabídku.


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